Kachinas’ goalie parents and coaches, this is Goaltending Director Hiroki Wakabayashi.

The Basic Stance Triangle

We’ve been working on the basic stance a lot in the beginning of the season because basic stance is one of the most important foundation in any positions in sports.

One thing we really focus on the basic stance this year is to have a balanced triangle created by “Head, Glove and Blocker” in front of the body (we’ll discuss about the lower body posture in another occasion).

Yes, “Glove OUT not UP!” as I explained in the news letter last year.

While there are some variations of the glove and blocker positionings by your preference, I suggest goalies to keep the triangle as balanced as possible.

Which means, you shouldn’t hold your glove too high or low or blocker too low in front of your knee like this.

Unbalanced basic stance triangle causes unbalanced movements and also gives up bigger holes to cover.

Maintaining The Basic Stance Triangle

While basic stance is an absolute goaltending 101, keeping it while moving around the net is the next big step for young goalies.

Here, the goalie maintains the triangle in front and moves it ahead of her before she faces the next imaginary shot.

Now, you can clearly see that “breaking the triangle” causes the delay of the movement and hurts the chance to make the save in a situation like this.

In short, you always have better chance to make a save if you have a good triangle in front of you and track the puck through it.

Stretching out your arms and legs might work sometimes but it’s the last resort and you shouldn’t rely on it all the time.

Thank you for reading.
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Hiroki Wakabayashi